15 Great Kitchen Styles: Which Style Is Right For You?

House Design May 13, 2023

Choosing kitchen styles is a significant choice in a new kitchen. Usually, making a choice is simple, particularly if your new or old house has a general type. In other cases, the choice is challenging. The kitchen is the focus of any home. Kitchens are now more than places to cook; they are gathering places for families, areas to stimulate creativity, and sites to create memories.

Kitchens are not only the place where food is prepared and served to our cherished family and friends, but they are also practical, helpful, and very intimate spaces.

Discover some of the most popular and sought-after kitchen styles that are now shaping the appearance and feel of homes nationwide by reading below.

The elements of a traditional kitchen may include arches, ornamental mouldings and corbels, raised-panel drawers, a combination of historical textures, twisted legs that resemble furniture, and even a chandelier. Although they have an ancient or classic American taste, they nonetheless bear the mark of their owners’ flair.

  • 2. Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Farmhouses are still helpful and comfortable, and they serve as the foundation for a lifestyle on the land. They are simple to work in and adore because of their open shelves, spacious sinks, traditional flooring, and huge kitchen table.

  • 3. Rustic Kitchen Design

It’s possible that when we think about kitchens, the adjectives “worn,” “distressed,” and “rough-hewn” aren’t the first ones that spring to mind. Nonetheless, modern rustic kitchens are as trendy as the traditional white kitchen, especially for using wood, stone, brick, antique equipment, and fireplaces.

While many definitions of “modern,” unframed cabinets, sleek and straightforward equipment, powerful horizontal lines, and a lack of decoration that lets the raw beauty of the materials shine through, they are often associated with contemporary kitchen designs.

  • 5. Contemporary Kitchen Design

Although entirely contemporary kitchens can highlight structure and grid, modern kitchens are frequently more creative in shape and finishing, incorporating parts of various designs and developing their own expression of the times. Contemporary kitchens may be quite streamlined.

  • 6. Transitional Kitchen Design

Consider the great moderator to be a transitional kitchen. Transitional interiors exude balance and harmony because they combine the cosiness and welcomings of a classic look with the sleek, straight lines of modern style. They are a great alternative for homeowners whose preferences lie between the two since they provide a great deal of versatility.

  • 7. Craftsman Kitchen Design

As a response to the mass-produced fussiness of the Victorian period, the craftsman style developed during the beginning of the 20th century. Its rich woods, built-ins, handcrafted tiles, and well-executed simplicity are captivating.

  • 8. Cottage Kitchen Design

A cottage kitchen harkens back to earlier days and exudes a feeling of simple, careless living since it is warm, joyful, and unsophisticated. The kitchen will have a cozy cottage feel thanks to the beadboard, soft hues, antique hardware, wood flooring, and colourful decorations and drapes.

Define classic. The responses are as different as the cooks themselves. Yet, kitchens featuring white or cream cabinets, specific architectural details, and black accents provide a blank canvas that owners may customise with modern, classic, or eccentric information as they see fit.

  • 10. Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Flared hoods, finger tile, rustic wooden cabinets, vaulted ceilings, and arched cooking alcoves are just a few of the features that make Spanish Renaissance kitchens so popular.

  • 11. Eclectic Kitchen Design

Do you defy trends and reject categorisations? You may combine different elements in any way you like to create your unique kitchen style since it’s your home. The secret is to rebel for a good cause. Learn how to create a fantastic kitchen with rustic and contemporary design elements, a sense of adventure, comedy, and irreverence.

Kitchens with a minimalist style emphasise accomplishing more with fewer resources, as the name says. Minimalist kitchens are characterised by clean lines, practical and integrated equipment, frameless cabinets, and the odd flash of colours, regardless of whether they’re made of wood, stone, or cement. You will like minimalist kitchens because you prefer clear lines, smooth surfaces, and seamless integrations. Colours and darker tones also look fantastic, but neutrals, whites, and laminates with a wood-like finish are popular choices.

A coastal design concept is distinguished by constrained shades of muted hues suggestive of the sand and sea and by organic elements like worn wood and rattan. Contemporary coastal kitchens are spacious, light, and bright. You are reminded of your most recent summer break by the textured feel and soothing atmosphere created by organic components, mainly wooden features. Flat-panel matte cabinets with breakout parts of vertical panelling as a highlight are now prevalent in this kitchen design.

  • 14. Shabby Chic Kitchen Design

The shabby chic kitchen is popular among homeowners who like a lived-in, worn-in, accessible, and purposeful aesthetic. A shabby stylish kitchen blends muted hues, antique accents, and weathered furniture to create a cosy and unhurried atmosphere.

  • 15. Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Scandinavian kitchens are easily identifiable. Natural materials, simple lines, and a minimalist style characterise a Scandi-scheme. Contrary to extreme minimalism, the appearance has a softer and cosier edge as a reaction to the harsh Scandinavian winters. The Scandinavian design emphasises utility, simplicity, and pure, primary forms without losing beauty. 

It’s simpler to identify style with your eyes than with words; you can usually tell it by looking at it, and the visual that most inspires you may surprise you. Do you consider yourself to be an expert in kitchen design? Find out which of these 15 recommendations for great kitchen styles is the best, then let us know.