Why you should plant a lawn in your garden

Home Improvement Jun 6, 2022

There are many advantages to having a lawn in your garden. Many people choose to plant a lawn and that is definitely not without a reason! But why do they plant lawns and why is it such a good idea to plant a lawn in the garden? And how can you make sure that grass grows in the garden? We want to tell you a little bit more about that in this blog so you can also plant a nice lawn in your garden.

Reducing flooding

Of course, we get rain on a regular basis. This can cause flooding. Therefore, planting a lawn in the garden is a good idea. But how exactly can a lawn help with that? Well, the thing is, the more green you have in your garden, the less water nuisance you will have. Rainwater can sink well into grass, so that the water does not remain on the surface. If you have a garden with only stones, the water can only sink to a very limited extent, making it impossible for it to drain away completely. So, if you’re tired of waterlogging when it rains, it’s a good idea to consider planting a lawn. You can stimulate the growth of grass by sowing grass seed.

Safer for children and pets

If you have children, it’s a good idea to have a lawn installed anyway. After all, children are more likely to fall when they’re playing. If they fall on stones, they can hurt themselves quite badly. It’s much better for them to fall on grass, because the grass is nice and soft and has a cushioning effect! It is also much better for pets to walk on grass instead of stones. If you need tools for growing grass we recommend to check out the website of moowy.

Much better for the environment

Of course we should not forget to mention that grass is much better for the environment. Nowadays we are dealing with an enhanced greenhouse effect due to too much CO2 in the air. A healthy lawn can actually ensure that more CO2 is absorbed, for which oxygen is given in return. In addition, earthworms come through the grass in your garden. These earthworms ensure that the soil structure is improved, which keeps the soil fertile. So in conclusion, there are many advantages to having a lawn in the garden!