Strategies for Using Bali Basalt for Home Decoration

House Renovation Dec 6, 2023

The use of Bali Basalt as part of the decoration to beautify the house is an increasingly popular thing lately. The installation of natural stone, such as on the outer wall around the terrace, or also on the wall close to the garden, is increasingly becoming a favorite, especially for urban residents.

This is certainly not a strange thing anymore, because the beauty of natural stone can make the house look natural with a touch of firm texture that arises from the installation in the section mentioned earlier.

But behind its beauty, choosing natural stone to be used as part of home decoration requires its own understanding. The following article presents the tips for you.

There are many choices of materials that can be used to coat the surface of the walls of the house. For example, a combination of cement and paint, wallpaper, ceramics, to natural stone. Well, this time Kania will discuss natural stone walls that can make the atmosphere in the house more natural. The price of natural stone is indeed quite expensive compared to ceramics or wallpaper, but natural stone walls can add to the selling value of the house. It turned out to be part of the investment, yes!

Bali Basalt, From Nature For Home Beauty, Understand Its Character

Natural rock is pure rock that is taken directly from nature for further industrial processes. For information, the rocks offered in the market as part of home decoration, were previously large-sized rocks which were then broken using a stone crusher machine to then be marketed in the form as we usually know it. Visit Link information about how to install basalt tiles.

Because it comes from nature directly, the character of natural stone sold in the market cannot be generalized to one another, here is a strategy to use natural stone as part of home decoration.

1. Different Hardness Level, Different Use

The hardness level of natural stone for decorating houses varies, there are at least two levels of stone hardness. The first is solid rock, with characteristics, does not absorb water, has a duller pattern, and is not easily broken. Rocks with solid characteristics are very fitting when installed on the exterior of the house.

The second is non-solid rock which has characteristics, absorbs water, is brighter in color and breaks easily, besides that this type of rock is also easily mossy. In use, it is very suitable for interior parts such as indoor gardens, as well as the inside of a fish pond that wants to be decorated with natural stone.

2. Choose the type of stone that fits the concept of the house

Not just any stone can be applied to any home design, each type of stone represents a certain design style, such as, purwakarta, salagendang and andesite, which are suitable for a modern minimalist design style. As for the types of baligreen, pacitoroso, paras jogja, or palimanan stones that are suitable to be adapted to a Mediterranean design-style house. Meanwhile, the type of split temple stone, port bronjol and split river stone are very suitable to be installed in modern traditional-style dwellings.

3. You already understand the type, know the installation model

Not only knowing the type of stone to be installed, the form of installation also needs to be known. Like the type of stone, the installation pattern also represents its own design style, for example, a random pattern that is suitable for the installation of a modern traditional style house, a Mediterranean tropical style house that adapts a flexible form. And of course different from the modern minimalist style which can adapt many styles such as, straight, square, stacking betel or a combination.

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