Is Eva Foam a Safe Type of Rubber Tile Flooring

Home Improvement Nov 19, 2020

A child’s play room or the infant room of a daycare greatly benefits from a safe type of mat. Rubber tile flooring has many attributes which you want, but many forms are not safe for young children. Is Eva foam safe where infants will be crawling?

Squares of elastic material are perfect for play areas for children. Their buoyancy allows young ones to fall and not get hurt. Small feet enjoy added energy when they bounce on a foundation that gives slightly, rather than a hard, cold surface. Tables, chairs, and other furniture may be moved frequently and it will not tear. Normal forms, though, are not exactly safe for little ones who spend most of their time crawling so close to the ground.

Eva foam, also used in the making of common items like beach sandals or flip flop shoes, seems exactly what you are looking for, but France and Belgium have banned its sales for fear of unsafe chemicals which are naturally created during the manufacturing process. Some people say it’s safe, but you want to be sure.

Formamide is a chemical that is a known carcinogenic, an agent that has been found to cause cancer. As this particular type of material is produced, one frequently used process can excrete Formamide. The method used makes sheets more pliable, frequently desired by people purchasing Eva foam products. It has not yet been determined how much of this chemical is considered safe in children’s products, though. Also, this element has been found to deteriorate over time, so older merchandise manufactured using the techniques tend to be safer than newer ones.

Small or unusually shaped spaces can easily be customized by either purchasing special measurements or necessary squares. Rolls do not work as well in these situations unless you have commissioned a custom fit. Interlocking blocks from the same material, however, may be exactly what you need. A converted utility room or storage space may not work well with large rolls, but these smaller designs will fit into the size that you are using. You might even be using a room under a stairway or that is in other ways unusually shaped, and they also would be made easier to cover one square at a time.

It is possible to find products manufactured to make this type of foam that contains no Formamide. If you are concerned for your little ones, don’t hesitate to visit multiple distributors before you decide on your purchase.

The smaller size of rubber tile flooring allows for a variety of color patterns. Choosing a variety of bright hues can stimulate your child’s imagination and can encourage them to stay active and engaged for longer periods of time. Children may play many different games by using colored patterns on the surface of the play room

One other good component of Eva foam is that it does not require an adhesive. It will remain where you put it by using the texture designs to hold the surface. This means harmful fumes will not work their way up through the material and into your child’s senses. It also does not absorb water or mold spores, making it easier to clean and maintain after a spill.

Most products which use Eva foam contain only small traces of the dangerous chemical, and it has not yet been determined how much is dangerous. Using this rubber tile flooring has the flexibility and buoyancy that is needed for a play space for young children. If you are still concerned, choose products that are made free of this potentially hazardous chemical and play safe.