Ceramic Tile Flooring for Your New Modern Home

Home Improvement May 10, 2021

There are many available options when deciding on the type of flooring for your new modern home. One of such options is ceramic tiles. Most contractors and home builders recommend this flooring material to home owners because of the many advantages and benefits it offers. Such advantages set ceramictiles from the other flooring materials, thus becoming a favorite material for those building their houses, doing improvements on their houses, or simply redecorating specific rooms in the house. And because tiles are adaptable and flexible for use on a variety of settings and applications, more parts of the house have floor coverings made of ceramic tiles.

One of the advantages of ceramictile flooring over the other flooring materials is adaptability. Ceramic tiles can be used in almost any part of the house – dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms and even the bedrooms. In some countries, houses have wall to wall ceramic tiles to keep the house cool. Even modern homes have turned to ceramic tiles for their flooring requirements because there is a pattern or style or design that suits one specific application. Unglazed ceramictiles are usually designed for the kitchen while polished ceramic tiles are usually seen in the living room or dining room.

For many home makers, they are more concerned with flooring materials that require little or no maintenance at all. Even a stay-home mom or wife would not want to spend hours of every day for the upkeep of the flooring. By using ceramictile flooring, that burden is eliminated because this type of flooring material only requires application of sealant every four years or so. Regular cleaning required for any type of tile is the same required for ceramic tiles. And because they are not moisture-sensitive, the floor can be hosed off as and when necessary without causing any damage to the floor.

Some parts of the house had to endure high and heavy foot traffic, thus requiring the floor to be durable and can stand high traffic situations. The strength and resilient qualities of ceramictile flooring make them ideal to be used in the kitchen and dining areas, portico and the living room. The wear and tear quality of ceramic tiles makes them durable and able to stand the abuse of heavy foot traffic. Ceramictiles though are not impact resistant, but if used for the house, this should not be a concern at all.

Other advantages include ease of repair in case of broken or chipped tile, cost effectiveness in terms of maintenance and daily upkeep, flexibility in style and design and increasing the potential resale value of the house significantly. Ceramic tiles perform with extraordinary durability and interesting visual appeal regardless of which part of the house they are used. They also act as insulation keeping a room cool. They do not absorb odors like carpets do, so one would not need a professional cleaner to maintain the floor. Additionally, ceramictiles do not develop mold growth so there is no special treatment method required.